About New Level Aesthetics

New Level Aesthetics clinic is the premier scalp micropigmentation center in Southeast operating out of Charlotte North Carolina. We are located at 8501 Tower Point Dr, Unit C9A Charlotte, NC 28227. We serve clients across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

My Story

Corey Curtis Founder of New Level Aesthetics

My personal hair loss story starts seven years ago. When I first started looking into different solutions for hair loss, there were a lot of websites and information out there. I found it to be an overwhelming decision! But I knew that I needed to make a choice for myself and my future. I’ve learned first-hand the importance of an effective hair loss solution for building one’s self-confidence. My entire life, I always had a fresh cut – I was a clean-cut person that would visit the barber once per week. When I started to lose my hair, my self-confidence took a big hit. By the time I was bald, I’d begun hiding behind hats. But scalp micropigmentation gave me back the confidence in myself I needed and allowed me take my hat off for good.It can do the same for you!